Hemorrhoids, Symptoms, Types, Causes, Treatment, Prevention

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How to treat Hemorrhoids? Your search for the right Answers ends here

Get rid of HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids can be a serious problem. Commonly known as ‘piles’, these are inflamed veins near the rectal and anal area. If you have noticed streaks of blood on the toilet paper, there are chancing that you have developed Hemorrhoids.  You should first consult a doctor to identify the etiology behind the bleeding. If your doctor identifies your problem as Hemorrhoids then depending upon the intensity of your problem, he/she may advise you on further course of treatment.

Many of the sufferers of Hemorrhoids (Hemroids) wonder on how to treat Hemorrhoids at home? If you physician has diagnosed you to have mild degree of Hemorrhoids that do not require any surgical removal, he/she may advise you on trying home remedies and about how to treat Hemorrhoids naturally. Mainly, to treat Hemorrhoids naturally, people seek following measures:

  • Aloe vera: This useful herb is known for its magical ability to ease off the pain. It has a unique ability to alleviate Hemorrhoids. Regular usage of aloe vera can ease off the swelling. You can use it in the form of aloe vera gel to effectively soothe the inflammation.
  • Witch Hazel: It is one of the herbs that can be commonly availed. It is very efficient in its ability to reduce swelling. It is extensively used to cure Hemorrhoids all over the world because of its soothing and repairing properties.
  • Japanese herb, pagoda tree: This great herb is useful in case of pain and itching. This provides quick relief from the problem.

These herbs are advised by the experts and using them will not create a dent in your pocket as they come affordable and are very effective. While applying the topical cream or lotion consisting of these products, you should avoid rubbing the product vigorously. Gentle application is all that it takes for an efficacious result. Using these wonderful products at home will not only save you from buying costly chemical based products and creams but the results of using these measures are noticeable and appreciating.

How To Treat HemorrhoidsIf you are still wondering about how to treat external Hemorrhoids and how to treat internal Hemorrhoids? The answer to your question lies in the fact that these natural and home remedies are equally efficacious for both internal and external Hemorrhoids.  All you need to do is identify the type of Hemorrhoids first and then seek treatment accordingly. In addition to these treatments, you can use cold packs or a cold towel to ease off the pain and distress in the area. Keeping the area clean and dry by the use of a mild soap and tissue paper can also help cure the problem to a great extent.

Hemorrhoids can be a hereditary condition as well, that means if your family members have had complaints about Hemorrhoids, there is a good chance that you may also develop them in the future. But you can avoid them by ensuring good fiber intake, dietary modifications, and inculcating exercise in your daily regimen. You should also decrease the intake of fatty and sugary foods as they tend to slow down the digestion process leading to constipation which is the main reason behind emergence of Hemorrhoids. Too much dairy products intake can also account for the trouble. By making such small changes in your lifestyle and diet, you can keep Hemorrhoids at bay.